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As part of Nottingham’s annual Light Night, we’re bringing the magical LA TABLA to Broadway.

Put things on it and they come to life! LA TABLA allows you to make music and animations. You can play games and design your own pinball table. You can use your body, your friends, paper, drawings, games pieces - the only limits are your own imagination!

LA TABLA will be set up in our foyer during the course of the evening. It’s free so why not come along and give it a try!


LA TABLA introduces a groundbreaking way to interact with computers. Rather than using a finger to click on a mouse or poke at a screen, you reach into the simulation world with two hands, bringing the full force of your hominid dexterity and playfulness to the table. Because you can put whatever you like—coins, stones, books, drawings, yourself—into the simulation world, play is surprisingly improvisational and open-ended.

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