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Members (Concessions)£5.80
Members (Full)£6.90
Seniors (60+)/Unwaged/Disabled£6.90
Student 25+£6.90
Under 25£4.50
  • Directed by: Paul Anton Smith
  • Year: 2018
  • Duration: 124min
  • Certificate: CERT TBC
  • Type: Film

Country: UK/Canada
Year: 2016
Duration: 124m

Paul Anton Smith invites you to the cinema, to watch a film made of other films in which other people go to the cinema to watch films too. Using scenes from over 100 films, HAVE YOU SEEN MY MOVIE? spans 80 years of cinema to reflect on what takes place in the intimate dark place we share with strangers, and where we laugh, cry, fear, learn and love. Celebrating the viewer’s journey, the art of projection and the on-screen magic, this is a love letter to cinema and cinema-going and an unmissable delight for all film-lovers.

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