Price: £70 / £50 memb & conc / £35 under 25

Nuns and Guns: The Bizarre World of Italian Cult Cinema

From nunsploitation to zombies prepare to enter a Neapolitan nightmare you may never forget. While from a critical point of view, the work of Fellini, Rossellini or Visconti may carry more intellectual heft, cinema from that their particularly home country spreads across a wide spectrum of genres and styles. Over 10 weeks we will examine the strange world of Italian cult movies, exploring sub-genres such as the Giallo film, spaghetti western and poliziotteschi crime thrillers. Often linked with exploitation, extreme violence and copycat presentations, this course will unwrap features such as Suspiria (1977), Django (1966) and video nasties like Cannibal Holocaust (1980) while scrutinising directors like Sergio Martino, Mario Bava and of course Dario Argento.

Tutor: Andrew Graves
Duration: 10 weeks

Tuesday evenings commencing TUE 11 JAN, 7PM-8.30PM
Price: £70/£50 memb & conc/£35 under 25

Please note, this course has a maximum capacity of 20 participants.

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